Palm Sunday Prep!

Well, it's time!  This Sunday is when we traditionally mark Palm Sunday in our church calendar, and let's be clear we are going to mark Palm Sunday even if we aren't all together at church.  This Saturday night (on Zoom and Livestreamed to Facebook) we are going to gather and hear the story of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem --palm branches waving, Hosannas shouted, and donkeys being ridden!  Yes, we are going to have Palm Sunday on a Saturday!  

Now the palms arrived at my house last week, and have been sitting forlorn since then, knowing that they will not be making their way into your hands for our service.  But don't fear, I want to make sure you have the oppportunity to wave a branch during our service.... so below you will find a link for a colour page -- print it, colour it, cut it out and have it ready for worship Saturday night.  It's not quite the same as having a real branch in your hand, but I want us to continue to model good physical distancing.  

I hope you join us on Saturday night at 7:00 pm (zoom link coming in the email later tomorrow, and if you can't do zoom, check out our facebook page).  I look forward to seeing your palm branches.