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Task Descriptions for House Groups

If for any reason you are unable to meet your commitment, please find a replacement.

Counting the Congregation

Once the service has started, please count the number present in the congregation, including the choir and children.  When the church is full it may be easier to count empty seats and subtract from the number of chairs.  Please record the attendance on the roster on the House Group bulletin board in the foyer.  There should be a note with a current chair count on that bulletin board.  These numbers are needed for statistics for the United Church of Canada.

Taking Garbage Out

After church and coffee are over, roll the garbage can out to the west curb.  The garbage can is located outside the church beside the west entrance to the furnace room hallway. Parking instructions are on the lid of the can. There are arrows with “Face Arrows Toward Street”. The can should be on the street, and the wheels should be against the curb, so that the lid opens from the street side.

Thank you for helping to make worship a richer experience for all.

Your help is very much appreciated!

September 2011

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