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Just what is a Worship Support Team?

A Worship Support Team is made up of approximately 20 church families who are called upon to help with various tasks as required, during and after Sunday services.

How many Worship Support Teams are there?

There are 9 teams to cover the months our church is open for services. There are 2 teams each year which will take care of 2 months; the summer will also shift due to shared summer services. But no team will always work at Lent/Easter or Advent/Christmas, which are busier months to organize.

How will I know to which Worship Support Team I belong?

Your name will be added to one of the 9 Worship Support Team lists. The Team Leader will contact you to welcome you, tell you which month your group will be responsible for, explain the tasks, and answer questions. 

Just how much work is involved?

We need volunteers for welcoming people, making coffee/clean-up, reading the Minute for Mission and the scripture, counting the congregation and taking out the garbage.

Wow! That’s a lot!

It’s not so bad … you won’t be asked to do them all, just a few as you are able. If every member of the Worship Support Team does their part it doesn’t have to be an onerous commitment for any one person. And, you will be called on only for the month assigned to your team. Other teams will look after the other months.

How come we’ve gone this Worship Support Team route? 

You know the saying “Many hands make light work”? Well, Worship Support Teams allow us to share the work that needs doing in our church. No longer should we have the same people doing all the work all of the time. These teams are a fair and equitable way to carry out the stewardship of our church. By dividing ourselves into teams, we also get to meet and work with people who are part of our church family. Building community is a major goal of the program. By getting involved we also take ownership of our worship experience and our beautiful church.

What happens in the summer when we have shared services?

Prior to closure for the summer break the co-ordinator of the Worship Support Team Program will ask some volunteers to collect the mail, and water indoor plants if necessary.

Could I get off the list? 

You are part of a Worship Support Team whether you participate or not. It’s important that you are part of our church family. But please remember that the Worship Support Program works only if each of us is willing to support it in whatever way we can. 

Who can I talk to if I need more information?

Just email the office, or call 586-3613 and the Office Co-ordinator can put you in touch with someone who can answer your questions.

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