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Task Descriptions for Worship Support Teams

If for any reason you are unable to meet your commitment, please find a replacement.

Please wear your nametag.

There is one First Aid Kit in the kitchen, in the first drawer on the left, and another in the office on top of the metal cupboard near the west wall, should it be needed.

Phone calls can be made from the office phone or the phone in the kitchen.

Duties for Worship Hosts

Please arrive at 10 a.m. in the fall/winter and 9:30 a.m. in June and July. Your duties include:  

  • Put out – and remember to bring in – the reserved parking signs kept in the coatroom at the sanctuary entrance.  Please allow an extra 1-2 car lengths in front of the Handicapped parking area in front of the west doors on Sunset Drive. 

  • Turn on the sanctuary lights and fans if necessary.

  • Put out on the entry table by the Worship Support Teams bulletin board the individual hearing assistance devices.  These are kept in a basket in the office cupboard above the file cabinets.  Please put them away at the end of the service.

  • Welcome all arriving for the church service.
    • Be sure people are located at the main doors and also the doors near the office.
      • Three people should stand at the main door.
      • One person should stand at the office entrance to hand out hymn books, if requested.
    • Invite newcomers, guests, and visitors to sign the guest book and/or fill out a hymnal card.
    • Distribute hymnbooks, if requested.
    • Provide information when required.
    • As part of our welcoming atmosphere, please keep the foyer doors open during the service.
    • Collection plates are at each entrance.

  • Encourage people to fill the seats in front of the pillars before adding more chairs.

  • Assist in setting up more chairs if needed. Extra chairs are in Faith Hall, the room immediately to the east of the Centrum.

  • Counters will take the collection plates after the offering prayer.

  • Confirm that someone is counting the congregation who attended service.  The count is written on the Task Roster on the Worship Support Team bulletin board in the foyer. These numbers are needed for statistics for the United Church of Canada.

  • Collect/put away hymnbooks at end of service.

  • Turn off lights/fans, check to see windows are closed.

  • Bring in reserved parking signs from outside.

  • Check with the minister(s) that the doors are locked.


Thank you for helping to make worship a richer experience for all.  Your help is very much appreciated!                                

 June 2023

Sunset United Church


Phone: 306-586-3613

177 Sunset Drive
Regina, SK, S4S 6Y7

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