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So, some of you know that I have been taking a year long course on Intergenerational Faith Formation.  I am learning about the importance for intergenerational, cross generational, age specific and family focused learning.  I've been doing this class for 8 weeks, and while I have learned some new things, I have noticed that Sunset does fairly well at some aspects of intergenerational activities.  Our worship life (which can be considered intergenerational faith formation) is rich and good. It is our strength.  We have good age specific programs, especially for our children and older adults.  But we struggle with equipping families and individuals to take what we do on Sunday morning into the rest of the week.  I am looking at ways to engage with Sunday worship on Wednesday or any other day of the week.  The Lent to Go bag was a first attempt at that.  

One of the goals of the class is to create a draft year long plan for digitally based faith formation for a specific age group.  The thing that is bouncing around my head is the creation of a website that would contain prayer, videos, talks, commentary etc.  Ideally it would have connection to whatever scripture and season is on that particular Sunday or maybe it could just be for a particular season of the church year.  It would have a section for families with children, for adults, for youth...

At this point, it's just a draft idea to hand in to the instructors of the course.  But I am intrigued by the idea of carrying our Sunday worship into the week.  So I guess what I am asking for is your input: would you be interested in this kind of personal faith formation curated on a website that would take you to different places?  If you are, what kind of things would you want to see?



Written by : Tricia Gerhard

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