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So, some of you know that I have been taking a year long course on Intergenerational Faith Formation.  I am learning about the importance for intergenerational, cross generational, age specific and family focused learning.  I've been doing this class for 8 weeks, and while I have learned some new things, I have noticed that Sunset does fairly well at some aspects of intergenerational activities.  Our worship life (which can be considered intergenerational faith formation) is rich and good. It is our strength.  We have good age specific programs, especially for our children and older adults.  But we struggle with equipping

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Ash Wednesday

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We didn't mark Ash Wednesday at Sunset this year, but I know other congregations did.  Sometimes its helpful to remind ourselves or find out for the first time what it is we are marking when we set aside days like Ash Wednesday... I stumbled across this brief video from the United Methodist Church video series "Chuck Knows Church" which kind of breaks down what it is we do when we are marked with a cross made from the ashes of last years palm branches.

Chuck Knows Church - Ash Wednesday

This coming Sunday, we will explore the story

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Lenten practices

Tuesday we will gather together at Sunset to enjoy community and PANCAKES!! It's Shrove Tuesday which is followed by Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of our Lenten Journey.  Let's be clear, we are totally on board with the Pancake celebration, but we don't do much with Wednesday.  Tradition states that the palm branches from the year before are burned down to ash, and then Wednesday we take them and mark each other with a sign of the cross as a way of confession and blessing.  Some United Churches do this ritual... We haven't done it at Sunset since I

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